FHOOSH Debuts Secure Mobile Data Live Streaming at Verizon and Nokia Operation Convergent Response Event

Secure Video Streaming Supports Realistic Crisis Response Simulations for Public Safety,
Law Enforcement and Government Officials

SAN DIEGO and PERRY, Georgia—November 5, 2018—Cybersecurity innovator FHOOSH™, Inc. has teamed with Verizon to showcase extremely fast data protection soluts ionat the Verizon and Nokia-led Operation Convergent Response 2018 (#OCR2018) crisis simulation event at the Guardian Centers this week. In addition to showing FHOOSH data protection and secure live streaming from Internet of Things (IoT) and Microsoft Windows devices in the emergency exercises, FHOOSH is revealing new Android secure real-time data transmission capabilities designed to work with Verizon 4GLTE and 5G networks.

As every second is critical for #OCR2018 crisis scenario first responders, FHOOSH innovations enable them to speed the secure transit of their scenario data from the field, including real-time video and data exchanges, and tactical location and deployment information. Unlike today’s encryption that can bog down performance, FHOOSH can accelerate protected data transmissions in emergency settings to ensure sensitive data gets to its intended destination and the first-responder decision-makers who need it as quickly as possible. Whether streaming secure HD video from a crisis simulation to assess damage or receiving floor plans to find missing persons or safeguard volatile gas lines, FHOOSH high-performance protection helps speed and safeguard critical communications between field-based and command-and-control emergency responders.

FHOOSH is building on its #OCR2017 participation and strengthening its cybersecurity strategic alliance with Verizon by demonstrating its solutions in a number of event scenarios and on several device platforms. In the earthquake and active shooter simulations, FHOOSH software helps first responders assess damage and convey critical information by streaming AES256-bit secured HD video and data in real time from Android mobile phones, from ruggedized Windows tablets and from IoT camera-equipped robots and drones to a command-and-control center. Scenario emergency responders using FHOOSH in hazardous settings can also rely on its extremely fast point-to-point data transfer to make decisions when time is of the essence.

Verizon Asymmetrical Solutions Architect Jeffrey Schweitzer commented, “Every second counts, especially in natural disaster and emergency situations, and FHOOSH is a proven partner to deliver strong data protection at the fast speeds that our public safety, law enforcement and military teams require.”

FHOOSH delivers “Faster Data, More Secure” by pairing high-speed data transmission with advanced data protection to boost organizations’ overall security and user experience, and help lower costs and risk. FHOOSH protects, transmits, stores and archives data at speeds certified multiple times faster than unencrypted data—and dramatically faster than today’s standard encryption—to secure all data types and sizes upon capture from the edge/endpoint through to the cloud. These performance gains enable lightweight FHOOSH software to deliver the first low-latency, lossless AES256-bit secure HD video live streaming from IoT devices. Instead of trading speed for security, organizations get both; and hackers net only data dust instead of data diamonds. www.fhoosh.com

Former CEO of ID Analytics Joins High-Speed Data Protection Innovator FHOOSH as Board Chairman

SAN DIEGO—August 15, 2018—Scott Carter, former CEO of ID Analytics LLC, a Symantec company, has assumed Chairman of the Board responsibilities for high-speed cybersecurity innovator FHOOSH™, Inc. Carter will spearhead FHOOSH’s strategy, growth and execution as its patented high-performance data transfer and data protection enters full commercialization.

Carter’s broad experience as a data analytics/risk management/digital security technology leader and his insight into C-level executives’ challenges and responsibilities to safeguard sensitive corporate and customer data are an excellent match to take FHOOSH to the next level. Carter brings an impressive track record of growth acceleration across enterprise and consumer businesses domestically and globally. His deep expertise in strategy, corporate development, product, sales and marketing will help to guide the FHOOSH executive team in refining and executing their growth agenda.

Carter was promoted to CEO at risk management leader ID Analytics after first serving as the company’s COO. He was then again promoted to EVP, Enterprise for parent firm LifeLock, prior to its acquisition by Symantec. Previously, Carter held executive positions for Experian where he led global business in fraud, identity and analytics. His breadth of expertise was further developed via executive positions at Mitek, First Union (now Wells Fargo), FICO and American Express.

“I am excited by FHOOSH’s unique intellectual property and the opportunity that opens to create a new category that transcends the data, analytics and security ecosystems,” said Carter.


FHOOSH Co-founder Eric Tobias commented, “Many organizations need to better protect sensitive data to build customer trust and manage reputation risk, but they also want to improve their user experience. This need is ubiquitous across public sector agencies and private sector applications including life sciences, financial services, communications, IoT device manufacturers and many others. Scott’s expertise complements our mission to deliver next-gen cybersecurity solutions that change the paradigm. Instead of trading speed for security, organizations can now get both with FHOOSH.”

“Scott’s talent for turning technology into successful products is just what we need to advance the company,” remarked FHOOSH Co-founder Linda Eigner. “His experience gives him a unique vantage point on the data protection challenges organizations face, and his proven go-to-market skills will further hone our approach as we pursue key markets and partnership opportunities.”


FHOOSH patented data protection transmits, stores and archives data at speeds certified up to 8x faster than unencrypted data—and up to 15x faster than today’s standard encryption. FHOOSH delivers on the promise of “Faster Data, More Secure™” with proprietary software that fragments, disassociates, separately encrypts and then distributes data upon capture from IoT endpoints to the cloud and back. FHOOSH speeds cloud migration, boosts customer experience, negates encryption challenges and enables new secure services offerings such as lossless HD video streaming, especially for the rapidly growing IoT and cloud storage markets. The software is so lightweight and fast that it delivers the first effective IoT data security solution to protect the billions of connected IoT devices, many of which were not designed with security in mind. With FHOOSH, your data remains safe all the time, everywhere: on the device, during transmission and at rest. www.fhoosh.com.

FHOOSH Advances Government/Defense Cybersecurity Focus With Addition of Custom High-Speed Accelerator Kit, New Expert Advisor

FHOOSH Government Defense Expert AdvisorSAN DIEGO—May 2, 2018—High-speed cybersecurity leader FHOOSH™, Inc. has released its Government/Defense Custom Accelerator Kit to jumpstart government, military and first responder team efforts to secure and speed data transmissions from network endpoints, including Internet of Things (IoT) devices to the cloud and back. As FHOOSH builds market momentum, it also added an advisor with extensive defense industry experience to its Board of Advisors: PKL Services’ executive and retired U.S. Marine Corps Colonel Patrick “Paddy” Gough.

The government/defense customizable all-in-one FHOOSH Accelerator Kit includes advanced FHOOSH high-speed data protection software, with all the support and add-ons necessary to rapidly launch FHOOSH cybersecurity. Federal, state and local agencies, along with defense and first responder groups can choose the right blend of FHOOSH cybersecurity elements needed for their specific environments: government/public/private/hybrid cloud, on-premises, IoT and/or custom-built application.

FHOOSH high-speed cybersecurity delivers extremely fast, secure and continuous end-to-end data protection. Designed to deploy across major platforms and implement within new and/or existing infrastructure, the flexible FHOOSH solution can protect critical data, including sensitive defense, evidence and personnel information from the moment it’s captured, through transmission and into storage either on-premises or in the cloud of choice.

In fact, data speeds are so fast with FHOOSH (up to 8x faster than not protecting at all) that it enables secure live streaming from the edge for command and control communications. Using FHOOSH, military teams can control drone flights and stream HD video securely, while transmitting sensor and telemetry data quickly, securely and completely.

“This custom government FHOOSH Accelerator is highly applicable for federal, state, local and defense multi-site environments at fixed locations or in land, air and sea deployments,” noted Gough. “I see tremendous opportunities for FHOOSH to provide secure data transfers, uploads, downloads and storage for manned and unmanned aircraft, as easily as for field and office locations.” An expert on transportation, military and operations with 30 years’ USMC experience, Gough is COO for PKL Services, the elite provider of skilled personnel, delivering aerospace maintenance, training and logistics services.

FHOOSH President and Co-founder Linda Eigner commented, “This targeted Accelerator is a great way for FHOOSH to make a significant difference by quickly getting advanced cybersecurity to those who protect us, so they can use better security and real-time streaming to help save more lives in the field. We’re excited Paddy Gough is bringing his extensive military and operational expertise to our
team as we reach out to government/defense organizations.”

The FHOOSH Government/Defense Custom Accelerator is the latest FHOOSH Accelerator. The company also offers FHOOSH Accelerators for Cloud, On-Premises and IoT, as well as an Accelerator SDK, each of which includes the software, support and add-ons necessary to jumpstart projects that boost security, speed, customer experience/satisfaction and comply with regulatory requirements. Contact FHOOSH (sales@fhoosh.com) for more information.

FHOOSH Launches First Suite of High-Speed Cybersecurity Accelerator Kits

All-Inclusive Packages Enable Organizations to Jumpstart Data Protection

SAN DIEGO—April 23, 2018—High-speed cybersecurity leader FHOOSH™ has released a suite of Accelerator Kits that are designed to help organizations large and small protect, transmit and securely store critical data at record speeds from data endpoints through to the cloud. Tailored to specific user environments (Cloud, On-Premises, IoT and custom-built SDK), the kits enable organizations to jumpstart programs that will boost their security, performance and customer experience/satisfaction and help comply with regulatory requirements including GDPR.

According to a recent study by PwC, cybersecurity is the number one concern of U.S. CEOs. The problem is underscored by the exponential growth and convergence in cloud storage, the amount and size of data and the number of connected smart Internet of Things (IoT) devices. In fact, IHS Markit estimates 125 billion IoT devices in use by 2030.

The FHOOSH team applied clean slate design thinking to tackle the problem of end-to-end data protection and build a suite of fast solutions so organizations no longer need to choose between speed and security—with FHOOSH they can have both. FHOOSH is certified up to 8x faster than unencrypted data—and up to 15x faster than today’s standard encryption. Plus, lightweight FHOOSH software is easy to deploy and use. For example, FHOOSH is so lightweight it can fit on a single-board computer and can be easily deployed on IoT devices to add built-in protection from data inception.

FHOOSH CEO Eric Tobias noted, “With the release of the FHOOSH Accelerator Kits, we’re helping companies take a huge step forward with no-risk all-inclusive packages that give them a real performance upside to using advanced cybersecurity.”

Ridge Global, a leading risk management consultancy founded by Tom Ridge, the first U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security, focuses on risk, readiness and resiliency for Fortune 500 firms as well as small to medium-sized businesses. Ridge Global has partnered with FHOOSH and is applying the FHOOSH On-Premises Accelerator Kit to protect a range of corporate and customer documents, including contracts and statements of work.

Ridge Global CIO Steve Kohler commented, “We’ve built our business on helping clients implement comprehensive risk management solutions. We’ve carefully followed the evolution of FHOOSH cybersecurity and FHOOSH is our top choice for data encryption solutions. We’re excited about bundling our cyber insurance warranty with FHOOSH to deliver a first-of-kind scalable solution that helps meet GDPR requirements and makes organizations more resilient. We see widespread applications, from banking to shipping to insurance and more.”

To ensure better, faster data protection from the IoT edge/endpoint to the cloud and back, FHOOSH has created four Accelerator Kits built on its patented security engine:

  • FHOOSH Cloud Accelerator Kit
  • FHOOSH On-Premises Accelerator Kit
  • FHOOSH IoT Accelerator Kit
  • FHOOSH Integration SDK Accelerator

Available now, each kit includes the software, support and add-ons organizations need to rapidly launch FHOOSH in self-contained projects in their environment. Now, organizations can benefit from a single solution that solves data protection challenges across multiple operating systems and deployment models. Contact FHOOSH (sales@fhoosh.com) for more information.

FHOOSH Announces Cybersecurity Strategic Alliance with Verizon

Ultra-Fast Solution Extends Data Protection from the IoT Edge through to the Cloud

SAN DIEGO—January 8, 2018—FHOOSH™, a high-speed cybersecurity leader, announced it has formed a strategic alliance with Verizon Enterprise Solutions to enhance the Verizon Software Defined Perimeter (SDP) service with extremely fast end-to- end data protection. The new offering complements Verizon SDP and provides a comprehensive scalable solution that can be deployed to protect an organization’s ecosystem. With FHOOSH inside Verizon SDP, Verizon can better protect and speed all types of customers’ data from endpoints, including Internet of Things (IoT) devices, and safeguard that data for its entire lifecycle.

Verizon Asymmetric Solutions Architect Jeff Schweitzer noted, “FHOOSH performance security helps SDP give organizations a true competitive edge with new functionality and an improved customer experience.” In fact, data speeds are so fast, FHOOSH enables secure live streaming from the edge, during transmission and through Verizon SDP environments.

The companies showcased Verizon SDP services together with FHOOSH capabilities at the June 2017 Operation Convergent Response (#OCR2017) emergency responder technology demonstration event in Perry, Georgia. During the exhibition, FHOOSH software protected video data captured from IoT sensor devices mounted on tactical K9s and robots, then securely streamed HD video in real time to a secure command and control center to aid first responders taking part in the emergency scenarios. Today’s announcement extends the Verizon and FHOOSH alliance, as patented FHOOSH cybersecurity capabilities become an intrinsic component of Verizon Software Defined Perimeter. FHOOSH builds on Verizon SDP to help reduce security risks with data protection that safeguards against unauthorized access and helps boost system-wide performance. The easy-to- deploy software scales with SDP, yet is so lightweight it can be installed on a range of IoT devices to safeguard data from inception.

FHOOSH CEO Eric Tobias said, “We’re thrilled to work together on a holistic vision to protect all data, all the time, everywhere. By joining our collective capabilities, we’re able to solve challenges that were previously impossible as we protect a customer’s data.”

“With FHOOSH innovations extending, enhancing and speeding Verizon SDP, we have an opportunity to better safeguard data as we create completely new product solutions ranging from secure surveillance and entertainment live streaming, to turnkey offerings for emergency responders and smart cities, smartphones and more,” according to Schweitzer. “Together, we’re redefining the boundaries of what’s possible and dramatically changing the customer experience.”

About Verizon
Verizon Communications Inc. (NYSE, Nasdaq: VZ), headquartered in New York City, has a diverse workforce of 161,000 and generated nearly $126 billion in 2016 revenues. Verizon operates America’s most reliable wireless network, with 113.9 million retail connections nationwide. The company also provides communications and entertainment services over mobile broadband and the nation’s premier all-fiber network, and delivers integrated business solutions to customers worldwide.

FHOOSH delivers “Faster Data, More Secure.” FHOOSH cybersecurity software pairs advanced data protection with high-speed transmission to safeguard data from capture through to the cloud with speeds never seen before. FHOOSH is certified up to 8x faster than not protecting data at all. These performance gains enable FHOOSH to deliver the first low-latency, lossless AES256-bit secure HD video live streaming from IoT devices. Patented FHOOSH technology is one of the fastest, most secure options to protect all sizes and types of data. The lightweight software not only resolves today’s encryption challenges, it turns data protection into a true advantage with superior system speed and a better customer experience. fhoosh.com


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Former ESET Exec Larry McJannet Joins Cybersecurity Developer FHOOSH as EVP Global Business Development

SAN DIEGO—November 29, 2017—Larry McJannet, former executive vice president at internet security developer has joined high-speed cybersecurity developer FHOOSH, Inc. as executive vice president of global business development. McJannet had been an advisor to the cyber software firm before stepping into this role.

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FHOOSH and Aegex Technologies to Host High-Speed Data Protection Webinar

SAN DIEGO— October 17, 2017—FHOOSH, Inc., a leader in high-speed cybersecurity software and Aegex Technologies, the industry leader in mobile devices and IoT solutions for hazardous industrial operations, will host an October 19th webinar to outline how their partnership is bringing heightened security and data migration capabilities to some of the world’s most critical industries.

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FHOOSH Showcases Fastest IoT AES256 Security Solution For Streaming Hi-Def Video at Verizon Emergency Responder Event

Secure Video Demonstrations During Operation Convergent Response To Include Tactical K9s and Robots

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FHOOSH Names Former Intuit Information Security Executive to Drive CISO Solutions and Partnerships

SAN DIEGO—May 1, 2017—With a clear focus on helping organizations address data protection challenges from cloud migration to the Internet of Things (IoT), high-speed cybersecurity software developer FHOOSH™, Inc. has appointed Bill Bonney vice president product marketing and chief strategist. A former Intuit information security executive and a co-author of the “CISO Desk Reference Guide,” Bonney will tap his extensive experience in cybersecurity, including IoT security and identity management, to oversee the company’s strategic solutions and partnerships.

Prior to joining FHOOSH, Bonney was vice president product management as well as principal consulting analyst for IS, identity management, IoT and risk/governance at San Diego-based consultancy TechVision Research. He also founded the eCyber Advisory Group to realize the “Virtual chief information security officer (CISO)” model for experts to either run IS teams or guide individuals in their roles. Bonney holds board positions with the San Diego CISO Round Table and San Diego ISACA, and is a frequent industry speaker. Most recently, Bonney spoke about the Industrial Internet of Things at Industry of Things World USA.

FHOOSH creates advanced data protection software that safeguards data from the edge to the cloud and delivers an unexpected upside for organizations and their users: significantly faster performance (certified up to 8x faster than transmitting and storing unprotected data). As a result, deploying FHOOSH helps organizations turn cybersecurity into a competitive business advantage that boosts overall customer experience as it protects valuable information.

FHOOSH CEO and Co-founder Eric Tobias stated, “Bill has a keen eye for new technologies, and he’s expert at blending innovative solutions with an organization’s current and legacy systems to address ever more sophisticated cyber challenges. He stands out with his ability to translate market requirements into real solutions, so organizations can quickly realize tangible benefits. From the start, Bill saw the value FHOOSH delivers across industry verticals, especially to protect data immediately upon capture or creation to simplify compliance, and to migrate large amounts of data to the cloud.”

FHOOSH President and Co-founder Linda Eigner commented, “Bill’s deep technical knowledge with his IS and analyst background gives him an intuitive understanding of the issues facing an organization’s cybersecurity stakeholders, from CISOs, CIOs, CTOs and product teams to any group with their own tech portfolio. He’s the right person to work with customers and partners to explore how FHOOSH can enhance and extend their cybersecurity toolbox. He’ll also forge new alliances with companies that want to differentiate their own offerings by integrating FHOOSH high-speed cybersecurity.”

“With the breakdown of perimeter and firewall security, we now have to focus on two things to help all types of organizations mitigate risk and accelerate business: delivering data protection upon creation/inception, and recognizing that identity has really become the new firewall,” noted Bonney. “When I came on board as an advisor last year, I realized immediately FHOOSH can help CISOs and their team members address both of those concerns and much more. I’m looking forward to working with the team in my new role to solve customer and partner data protection challenges by creating the right FHOOSH solutions and strategic partnerships.”


FHOOSH, Inc. develops high-speed cybersecurity software that protects data from inception, in transit and at rest at speeds certified up to eight times faster than handling unencrypted data. FHOOSH delivers on the promise of “Faster Data, More Secure” using patent-pending protections that fragment, disassociate, separately encrypt and then disperse data upon capture from the edge to the cloud for storage or archiving. FHOOSH enables stronger data protection with faster performance, built-in threat detection, rapid recovery from ransomware attacks and “always-on” compliance. With FHOOSH, security is built in from architecture to implementation, and an unauthorized access to your systems or network does not expose sensitive data. FHOOSH software easily integrates with both legacy and new technologies, and is the right option to secure data in any cloud, IoT or enterprise environment.


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The Unexpected Upside of FHOOSH Cybersecurity: Speed With Protection From Point of Capture

LA JOLLA, Calif.—April 13, 2017—Cybersecurity software developer FHOOSH, Inc., has created data protection technology that will deliver an unexpected upside for organizations and their users: fast performance that turns using cybersecurity into a competitive advantage. The resulting FHOOSH Cybersecurity Platform will “bake” protections in right away to effectively reduce the attack surface, and deliver strong yet unobtrusive security that will better safeguard data, simplify adherence to compliance requirements and significantly boost performance.

FHOOSH President and Co-founder Linda Eigner commented, “As the volume of valuable data continues to explode, current protection offerings can’t combat the scale and sophistication of cybercrime. At the same time, organizations often shy away from implementing strong cybersecurity because the potential performance impact creates friction between protecting their valuable data and maintaining their customer experience.”

“The Case for Protection From Data Inception,” a new FHOOSH white paper, explores how organizations no longer need to choose between security and performance. Now, they can learn more about securing data from the point of capture at the edge including Internet of Things (IoT) endpoints, through transmission and into storage either on-premises or on a cloud of choice. They’ll gain an edge using software certified to dramatically speed system performance up to eight times faster than storing data with no protection at all.

“Securing data isn’t going to get any easier as billions more connected IoT devices, from drones and medical devices to cameras and ‘smart city’ sensors, come online,” noted Eric Tobias, FHOOSH CEO and co-founder. “Organizations will need to protect a vast amount of sensitive data generated by IoT sensors, and many may not have even basic security. They’ll look for heavyweight security software in a lightweight wrapper that is flexible enough to integrate with devices ranging from single-board computers to servers.”

FHOOSH will apply that flexibility to complete organizations’ cybersecurity checklists: Safeguarding data from the edge to the cloud, working with their mix of current and legacy systems, deploying easily and running with their choice of encryption algorithm (including FIPS 140-2 compliant AES-256) to help future-proof their implementations.

“CISO Desk Reference Guide” co-author and whitepaper writer Bill Bonney said, “Securing data at capture with multiple protections would help address three major issues organizations face today: cloud migration, ransomware and compliance. FHOOSH software would enable fast migration of large data stores to the cloud. That same software could help companies recover from ransomware by enabling lightning-fast encrypted data archival to multiple data stores. And, because data is encrypted right away, it is never in a plain-text state and there are no transition points. For data that is subject to security and privacy requirements, compliance is “always-on,” which cuts compliance costs.”

For an overview of high-speed data protection from inception, download the white paper. For information about implementing FHOOSH cybersecurity in your organization, contact us.


FHOOSH, Inc. develops high-speed cybersecurity software solutions that protect data from inception, in transit and at rest at speeds certified up to eight times faster than storing even unencrypted data. FHOOSH delivers on the promise of “Faster Data, More Secure” using patent-pending protections that fragment, disassociate, separately encrypt and then disperse data upon capture at the edge/endpoint through to the cloud for storage or archiving. The platform enables stronger data protection with faster performance, built-in threat detection, ransomware safeguarding and “always-on” compliance. With FHOOSH security built in from architecture to implementation, an unauthorized interception or breach nets only data “dust” instead of information diamonds. FHOOSH software easily integrates with both legacy and new technologies, and is the right option to secure data in any cloud, IoT or enterprise environment. fhoosh.com

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The FHOOSH logo is a registered trademark, and FHOOSH is a trademark of FHOOSH, Inc. Third-party registered marks and trademarks mentioned are the property of their respective owners.