FHOOSH Launches First Suite of High-Speed Cybersecurity Accelerator Kits

All-Inclusive Packages Enable Organizations to Jumpstart Data Protection

SAN DIEGO—April 23, 2018—High-speed cybersecurity leader FHOOSH™ has released a suite of Accelerator Kits that are designed to help organizations large and small protect, transmit and securely store critical data at record speeds from data endpoints through to the cloud. Tailored to specific user environments (Cloud, On-Premises, IoT and custom-built SDK), the kits enable organizations to jumpstart programs that will boost their security, performance and customer experience/satisfaction and help comply with regulatory requirements including GDPR.

According to a recent study by PwC, cybersecurity is the number one concern of U.S. CEOs. The problem is underscored by the exponential growth and convergence in cloud storage, the amount and size of data and the number of connected smart Internet of Things (IoT) devices. In fact, IHS Markit estimates 125 billion IoT devices in use by 2030.

The FHOOSH team applied clean slate design thinking to tackle the problem of end-to-end data protection and build a suite of fast solutions so organizations no longer need to choose between speed and security—with FHOOSH they can have both. FHOOSH is certified up to 8x faster than unencrypted data—and up to 15x faster than today’s standard encryption. Plus, lightweight FHOOSH software is easy to deploy and use. For example, FHOOSH is so lightweight it can fit on a single-board computer and can be easily deployed on IoT devices to add built-in protection from data inception.

FHOOSH CEO Eric Tobias noted, “With the release of the FHOOSH Accelerator Kits, we’re helping companies take a huge step forward with no-risk all-inclusive packages that give them a real performance upside to using advanced cybersecurity.”

Ridge Global, a leading risk management consultancy founded by Tom Ridge, the first U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security, focuses on risk, readiness and resiliency for Fortune 500 firms as well as small to medium-sized businesses. Ridge Global has partnered with FHOOSH and is applying the FHOOSH On-Premises Accelerator Kit to protect a range of corporate and customer documents, including contracts and statements of work.

Ridge Global CIO Steve Kohler commented, “We’ve built our business on helping clients implement comprehensive risk management solutions. We’ve carefully followed the evolution of FHOOSH cybersecurity and FHOOSH is our top choice for data encryption solutions. We’re excited about bundling our cyber insurance warranty with FHOOSH to deliver a first-of-kind scalable solution that helps meet GDPR requirements and makes organizations more resilient. We see widespread applications, from banking to shipping to insurance and more.”

To ensure better, faster data protection from the IoT edge/endpoint to the cloud and back, FHOOSH has created four Accelerator Kits built on its patented security engine:

  • FHOOSH Cloud Accelerator Kit
  • FHOOSH On-Premises Accelerator Kit
  • FHOOSH IoT Accelerator Kit
  • FHOOSH Integration SDK Accelerator

Available now, each kit includes the software, support and add-ons organizations need to rapidly launch FHOOSH in self-contained projects in their environment. Now, organizations can benefit from a single solution that solves data protection challenges across multiple operating systems and deployment models. Contact FHOOSH (sales@fhoosh.com) for more information.

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